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Unix/Linux Source code: v.1.9i
(Gzipped tar file) View the latest changes
Windows NT4/W2K server executable: v2.30 (Self-extracting archive only)
Windows NT4/W2K/Win2003 client executable: v.1.08d (Self-extracting archive or ZIP file)

Additional clients created by Big Brother users.

Novell Netware client: v0.2
Mac OS client: v1.0b7
AS/400 client: v1.3
VAX OpenVMS client
VM/ESA and z/VM client: 1. 0
These are not supported by Quest Software.

Users contributed scripts/extensions

Need to test Oracle ?
Integrate MRTG with BB ?
Front-End to enable/disable hosts ?
Trend BB statistics ?
Then check out
and there's a lot more !

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